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Merik industrial group was established in 2001, as an independent and dynamic company aimed at promoting levels of technical education and participation in industrial developments of our country, concurrent with recent finding surrounding technology, involving skilled and professional laborers; this is a joint stock company which operate in the field of producing chemical materials like: Zinc chloride, all types of Flasks and chloride acids. The second phase of this company was established in 2008, on a land of 12000 sqm. This was located in Eshtehard industrial zone. It also successfully took operation license and any other inside and outside permission in 2009.


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ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Attending the 10th Kish International Energy Exhibition

Attending the 21st International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition

Why Farasazan Jame Merik?ٌ

Merik industrial group is proud of carrying its services with customer orientation, competitive price, high speed performance, offering qualified products in accordance with international standards. Besides of manufacturing , Commercial section in this company broaden its activity in export and importing of  different types of finished lubricants in automotive and industrial area base on many demands in our sale office.